The Blue Llama Secret Message

In November 2020, amidst a global pandemic, under the lockdown measures, a group of 9 adventurous, retired, North-American expats decided to follow an Ecuadorian tour guide called Patricio Tipactocta up into El Cajas National Park in the quest of a mysterious mountain called the Devil’s Wart, to find the aliens.  

In this paranormal trip everyone will have a different point of view. From the skeptics who assure they saw nothing to the believers who claim they had an interdimensional contact of the third kind with a race of Blue Llamas and other foreing creatures.

Sinopsis (Spanish)

En noviembre de 2020, en medio de una pandemia mundial, un grupo de 8 jubilados norteamericanos decide seguir a un guía turístico ecuatoriano llamado Patricio Tipactocta hasta el Parque Nacional El Cajas en la búsqueda de una misteriosa montaña llamada la Verruga del Diablo. En ese viaje, cada uno tendrá una experiencia distinta que le cambiará la vida.

The Film

«The Blue Llama Secret Message» is a mockumentary film written, directed and edited by Daniel Osorio and produced by Adriana Varela (Astrolabio Producciones) in the city of Cuenca-Ecuador. It was recorded mostly the year 2020, edited and post-produced in 2021 as an independent film project.

Awards and Nominations

IndieX Film Festival – Los Angeles California US – May 2022

  • Best Ensemble Cast
  • First Time Director Outstanding Achievement
  • Best Mockumentary

Couch Film Festival 2022

  • Nominee for Best Cast and Best Writer Couch Film Festival 2022

Cine Pobre Film Festival

Best Self Funded Film 2022 The Blue Llama Secret Message

Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Directior and Editior

Daniel Osorio

General Producer and Sound-recordist

Adriana Varela

Adriana Varela

3D Animation

Mario Roman

Juan Salvador Villegas

Daniel Osorio

Original Music

El Ovni Pasa by  Daniel Osorio.

UFO by Eduardo Osorio 

Performed by I MIND

El Condor Pasa – Daniel Alomias Robles/Manuel Clavero 

Performed by Luis Gonzales in Quena (Traditional Andean Flute)

Sporting Life Blues by Brownie McGee

Royalty Free Music

Hang Binaural Hang Binaural by Mindseye (CC BY-SA 4.0)

O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) by MIT Concert Choir

From the Free Music Archive

from Motion Array

Cthulhu Over The Horizon By Petrenj Music 

Scary Halloween Ambience by Wave Art

Tactical Dominance by Hyperreal


Maribel Quintero


Luis Guiracocha – Cooperativa de transporte turistico La Toreadora

Tour Guide

Edison Juca

Special Thanks to

Parque Nacional El Cajas

Municipio de Cuenca

Ann Fourt

John Foote

Robert Elliot

Nina Christen

Naysabeth Rios

Jim Gala – Jazz Society Cafe

Stock Footage


World 1992 – Vídeo by Bellergy RC on Pixabay 

NightSky – Vídeo by Relaxing_Guru on Pixabay 

Alien Kidnap – Vídeo by NewHumanDesigns on Pixabay 

Worm hole video by Johannes Wünsch on Pixabay 

K2 Himalayas Mountains by Vimeo-Free-Videos on Pixabay 

Indigenous ritual in Mexico Vídeo by Mario Aranda on Pixabay 

Nebula Blue by Mike Lacoste on Pixabay 

Man Using Mobile Phone by Samuel F. Johanns de Pixabay 


Religious Ceremony at Night in India – Varanasi by Videvo

The Tent In Which The Light Shines Near The Fire Burning Romance And Relaxation In Nature by Videvo

Candle Flame in Slow Motion – by Videvo

Cat Eye Macro by Videvo

Russian Troops March In Formation During World War Two by Videvo

Aerial in the street of Aleppo after bombing by Videvo

1953 Soviet Nuclear Hydrogen Bomb Test Explosion Restored by Videvo

Medium close-up girl magician in a hood in a dark room by candlelight and looking for a spell turning over a book. Low keyby Videvo

Scary monster shadow on red background by Videvo

1953 Soviet Nuclear Hydrogen Bomb Test Explosion Restored by Videvo

Scary ghost of nightmare by Videvo

by StoryBlocks


Pyramids in Egypt

Pyramid Mexico

Lake in Peru

Dolly in the Jungle

Tild down in the jungle

Sunset in the Jungle

Dolly out Pregnant Girl With Henna Tattoo

Man standing in the top of a mountain with in the sunset

Video Archive 

Beirut Explosion 2020 posted by Al Arabiya

Mojanda Volcano UFO Sighting posted by Papa Salomon

Pichincha Volcano UFO Sighting posted by Estudio 432 Producciones

Atlantic Ocean UFO Sighting by William Guy

La Saleciana Barinas – Venezuela UFO Sighting posted by Javier López

Flight Over Medellin – Colombia UFO Sighting by Pilot Cesar Morillo

UFO Sighting Caught by Infrared Camera by US Navy

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 20th, 2020 _ NBC Nightly News

EURONEWS – Oct. 28, 2020. European Countries consider National Lockdown as virus surges

BBC News – Coronavirus in Latin America: How bad could it get?

Royalty Free Audio Tracks 

Church Chime Bell By Daniel Simion in

TV Static By Mike Koenig

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